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Dominican born Ariel Vergez, the mind of BlackBrain, was raised in Miami, Florida.  Inspired by the heroes of his youth including Dali & DaVinci he pursued art at a young age which led to getting accepted into one of the nation’s best art and design based high schools, Design and Architecture Senior High. His raw talents were given form and were later matured at the Cleveland Institute of art.

BlackBrain’s current series “Dreamers: Malcolm X-Men addresses the hot topics occurring domestically and internationally of inequality, social injustice, and abuse of power in the world.

“Dreamers: Malcolm X-Men,” ironically pairs political figures, heroes and otherwise with their current day mythological equivalent, mixing legendary civil rights leaders of the present and past with iconic comic book heroes. What started as a play on words and punny visual juxtaposition turned more introspective as the vail of political correctness unravelled around us.

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